Our Films


Los Angeles
Fire Department Foundation

Played at the Medal of Valor event and an NBA Clippers basketball game

University of Hawaii

Part of a series of commercials which aired nationally.
Purpose:  To promote the university and recruit students.

Our Public School Films

A project of Change the World Productions
Purpose:  promote and share best practices and proven models of community engagement

Waikiki Elementary School

Kid Lead

Tower Cancer Foundation

We can help you in any project, large or small

Armory Arts

The Smithsonian

 A series of 13 short films for the Asian Pacific Center.
Purpose: Expand the Museum experience by including videos from important figures discussing exhibit topics in an App for museum visitors.

Airport Marina
Counseling Service 

The Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation

The official foundation of The Emperor and Empress of Japan, celebration of 50th Anniversary.

Purpose: Produce a commemorative film for the occasion.

Canyon de Guadalupe

Fundraising Gala Film

American Museum of Natural History

 We produced a series of films to highlight and promote
their innovative Youth Initiatives Programs

Purpose:  to promote their programs, raise funds and attract clients