Stories Can Change The World

Who is telling your story?

WE BELIEVE that within your stories resides the power to uplift our human spirit, highlight injustices, inspire hope and bring about positive action.  

  • 80% of nonprofits say leveraging fundraising is among their main objectives when they make a video.

    Collectively, CTWP films have helped our nonprofit clients raise over $10 million.  We’ve played media venues from small to large, from donor presentations to gala events, from inside The White House to broadcast TV and NBA jumbotrons.   As a nonprofit ourselves, we know how to be a partner, not just a paid vendor.   We help you acquire and retain clients, stakeholders, talent and funds. 

  • 90% of nonprofits say fundraising is their biggest barrier to telling their stories through digital media.

    So…we match your funds with our own nonprofit talent, time and treasure.

You work tirelessly to make a difference.  We tell your stories. 

Change The World Productions embraces a philosophy of partnership, and we are redefining how digital media is produced to create social benefit.


I am awed by Mark’s ability to craft each story meaningfully,
engage the viewers on a personal level and jumpstart commitment to the respective cause.

– JUDY HALL, Fmr. Exec. Dir, Our Public School


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