How We Partner

We don’t consider ourselves vendors

Change The World Productions embraces a philosophy of partnership, and we are redefining how digital media is produced to create social benefit.

The Process


Goals and Strategy

Learning Your Story

We begin by creating a fundraising strategy, identifying strategic partners, cultivating donors, and crowdfunding. We develop an outreach plan, identifying ways to measure impact and reach new audiences.



Next, we create a story that entertains, informs, and inspires audiences.

This ranges from storyboarding together to leveraging best practices in the field.


Creating It

We make it happen!

We’ll film the necessary pieces to create this story together.


Post-Production Support

The Final Product

Here is where we craft the piece, create key marketing materials, and help you develop additional tools to support the largest impact.

Engagement & Impact Measuring

Next, we begin implementing the outreach strategy, realizing impact goals, and measuring those statistics. We collaborate with other organizations, coach our partners on best practices, and leverage resources for impact maximization.

Extending Use

Continuing the Impact

Your film can be re-edited, with footage repurposed to support new and future campaigns and outreach with new tools.  We can extend the outreach of your film, to continue audience engagement.