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Animated TV series Target age: 3-5 Mission: To engage and excite youth with life science and nature. To promote a sense of caring for our environment and for each other.

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We are all capable of turning our pain into purpose. And we are not alone. When you hit rock bottom, you can only go up.” - Christina Simpkins

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Urthworx teams up with Ceeds of Peace and Change The World Productions, to teach conflict resolution and donate a percent of proceeds to us. Target Audience: Kids (8-11) and Families Season One: 6 appisodes (hours and hours of content) Four young students have been chosen by the World's Greatest teacher to go on a once

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Las Vegas. Sandy Hook Elementary. Charleston. Planned Parenthood. Orlando. San Bernardino. Mass shootings have shaken our country and there is national discussion about ways to prevent future violence and promote peace.