Project Description

Urthworx teams up with Ceeds of Peace and Change The World Productions, to teach conflict resolution and donate a percent of proceeds to us.

Target Audience: Kids (8-11) and Families
Season One: 6 appisodes (hours and hours of content)

Four young students have been chosen by the World’s Greatest teacher to go on a once in a lifetime semester at sea. But within moments of embarking on the voyage, the teacher is unceremoniously eaten by a giant squid and the ship gets sucked into the mysterious Tahiti Triangle.

Lost and alone, with only an incompetent captain to guide them, the kids embark on an amazing adventure where they’ll encounter all kinds of strange and comical creatures. As they search for a way home, the kids learn lessons to better equip them for life back in the world like how to spot fake news, make democratic decisions, peacefully resolve conflicts and protect the environment.