Change The World Productions embraces a philosophy of partnership, and is redefining how digital media is produced to create social benefit. As a nonprofit ourselves, we receive grants, charitable contributions and donations of services.  We leverage our resources to provide high quality films at very affordable rates for our nonprofit partners. We want to help you use digital media to stimulate fundraising and generate income, because we know that a small financial investment in quality media is among the best, solid investments for your cause.

In 2017, Change the World will be extending an offer to 5 nonprofit organizations, doing work in the greater Los Angeles area, in the field of peacebuilding and peace education.  Each of the awardees will receive a 3-5 minute film for only $5,000, which would comparably cost an estimated $15,000 or more, at common industry rates available in this area.

To achieve our mission, we will also create one larger film highlighting each of the five organizations, and promote that film to a larger audience, leveraging the nonprofit’s participation and introducing their services and programs to a larger audience.


Must be a 501c3 and the story must be filmed in the greater Los Angeles area.
Need to have $5,000 to contribute to our budget for this project.
Must have a staff or volunteer primary point of contact and the committment to collaborate in the storyboarding, messaging and filming/scheduling process.

Partnership on all phases of the process – story development, social impact strategy, pre-production, production, post-production, and impact and engagement campaign.
1 short film on your organization about 3-5 minutes in length.
1 themed film on all 5 organizations as part of a solution to a common problem
A digital copy of the original footage and rights to use and edit as you wish.
Contact us to be a part of this campaign.