Change The World Productions embraces a philosophy of partnership, and is redefining how digital media is produced to create social benefit.

I am awed by Mark’s ability to craft each story meaningfully,
engage the viewers on a personal level
and jumpstart commitment to the respective cause.

– JUDY HALL, Fmr. Exec. Dir, Our Public School


80% of nonprofits say leveraging fundraising is among their main objectives when they make a video.

Collectively, CTWP films have helped our nonprofit clients raise over $1m, and have played media venues from small to large, from donor presentations to gala events, to inside The White House, on broadcast TV, and on jumbotrons at NBA games.  A nonprofit ourselves, we know how to be a partner, not a paid vendor. We help our clients to further goals in community outreach for client acquisition and retention, stakeholder engagement, and talent acquisition in addition to fund development.

90% of nonprofits say fundraising is their biggest barrier to telling their stories through digital media.

So…we match your funds with our own nonprofit talent, time and treasure.

It’s simple. Telling YOUR story, changing hearts and minds on the causes you care about, advances BOTH our nonprofits’ missions.   You win, and so do we.

The Process


Funding & Engagement Strategy

Learning Your Story

We begin by creating a fundraising strategy, identifying strategic partners, cultivating donors, and crowdfunding. Additionally, we develop an outreach plan, identifying ways to measure impact and reach new audiences.



Next, we create a story that entertains, informs, and inspires audiences. This ranges from storyboarding together to leveraging best practices in the field.


Creating It

We make it happen!

We’ll film the necessary pieces to create this story together.

Post-Production Support

The Final Product

Here is where we craft the piece, create key marketing materials, and help you develop additional tools to support your making the largest impact.

Engagement & Impact Measuring

Next, we begin implementing the outreach strategy, realizing impact goals, and measuring those statistics. We collaborate with other organizations, coach our partners on best practices, and leverage resources for impact maximization.

Extending Use

Continuing the Impact

Your film can be re-edited, with footage repurposed to support new and future campaigns and outreach with new tools.  We can extend the outreach of your film, to continue audience engagement.

Call for Match Funded Projects 2017
Peace Building (Winter/Spring 2017), Education, and Environmental Sustainability.

In 2017, we will produce films whose central themes involve solving problems and removing hardships and obstacles to a healthier tomorrow, on the issues of Education, Climate Change and Planetary Health, and Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution.

If you are, or represent a nonprofit or social benefit organization working on these issues in the Greater Los Angeles area and if you understand that digital media content telling your story is among the most effective and high yielding investments you can make to advance your organization’s mission and goals, then we want to hear from you.

Peacebuilding Initiative Open Now


“On the heels of our best event to date, I wanted to reach out and sincerely thank you for all of your efforts in creating our gala video. We have a very complicated story to tell, as we assist cancer patients in many ways. Telling our story in a compelling way in under 5 minutes is not an easy task. You managed to not only capture our mission but also to humanize it with the stories from many of our cancer survivors.

You patiently conducted what seemed like dozens of interviews over a couple of months that must have accounted for many hours of video to review. Seamlessly, you constructed our story from the many voices to come up with one cohesive message. It was a daunting task and all done professionally and surprisingly ahead of schedule!

Many were moved to their checkbooks which was exactly our goal. Our “fund a need” paddle raise earned over $300K which was a 25% increase over the previous year. I know that your hard work contributed to this wonderful outcome and I am indeed grateful. Thank you for your support and guidance through this process!”

Linda David, Exec. Dir., Tower Cancer Research Foundation
“I’m so happy with the final product! Because of your hard work, Pasadena Meals on Wheels will be able to recruit volunteers for our upcoming campaign. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. You’re the best!”
Patti Feldmeth, Board of Directors, Pasadena Meals on Wheels
In the nonprofit world, getting your story out is critical to success. Given current technologies, there are many ways to achieve this goal. However, without the right storyteller, the message is often lost, distorted or forgotten.
Mark Wolf IS the Right Storyteller. Working closely with him on numerous occasions, I have been repeatedly awed by his ability to craft each story meaningfully, engage the viewers on a personal level and jumpstart commitment to the respective cause. Mark’s sense of the greater good is, indeed, projected by his work…and he IS Changing the World.
Judy Hall, Our Public School